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Formal Sweatpants [Aug. 5th, 2013|01:11 pm]
I first learned about the wonderful works of Josh Mecouch during the last Presidential campaign when he did the Mitt & Rob series, which is hilarious, by-the-way. Not only is the comic funny, but the artistic method and detail really add a nice dimension.  Anyway, I wanted to be automatically updated with his various comics so I created a Livejournal feed at formal_pants and I also added the existing Livejournal feed of illustratedtwit to here. I think Josh is the next big thing in the comics world.
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Nostalgia [Mar. 2nd, 2013|07:23 pm]
I was looking over some old friend's Livejournals today, which brought back a whole bunch of great memories. History was certainly made, but I sort of wish I could turn back time to live again back then. And why are there not more people posting to Livejournal? To me, it's such a more intimate venue than Facebook, or any alternative system. Fuck Facebook.
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Imagine... [Aug. 5th, 2012|07:36 am]
Imagine each of us not as individuals, but as one, just as everything else would be one. Our drive isn't to procreate as many believe, but to disperse energy in creative ways perhaps in the playing out of the stories authored by the energy within us. If every move is a consequence of the previous, life ripples outward affecting other stories just as other stories have affected our own. It's perpetual energy; it's like how the sun shines every hour of every day, without dimming. Our existence doesn't fade with the physical form: remember, energy is not created, nor destroyed. We continue forward in the minds of others and in our next purpose in this play.
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(no subject) [Aug. 5th, 2012|06:58 am]
I've been playing a lot of BF2 lately and am often reminded about the fall/winter of 2005 and all the good times that were had back then. It's hard to believe that so many years have passed by since those awesome days. This was a time in my life where I had just sold the house that Jocelyn and I had and was still getting over the tremors of that relationship ending.  It was around the end of October 2005 when I was invited to "Movie Night" at hardcorehuntin 's place by m0836296 who encouraged me to go. Such great times ensued over the next couple of months, such as:
  • Awesome movie nights
  • The best Halloween party EVER
  • WPRK times, including making shirts for Katie Ball's then-knew program
  • Playing endless hours of video games and drinking Bud Light
  • Being introduced to the greasiest pizza ever, which was also VERY tasty
  • Playing BF2 at UCF with granite26
  • Just having a great time with great friends.
I hate that the drama that unfolded, did. It is a shame that was sort of a breaking point. Everyone seems to have moved on with their lives. Lately I've been wanting to get back into meeting new friends and doing the hangout thing again.  It wouldn't be the same, but anything has to be better than where I am right now: only a handful of friends and few real hangout times.
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Writer's Block: Family ties [Nov. 23rd, 2011|12:37 pm]
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What do you love to do with your family?
Ignore them.
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